Users sing its praises for being lightweight and fluffy. Snuggle up under a lofty down comforter filled with premium European white goose down and encased in a smooth cotton shell. The Riley also comes with one of the better warranties we’ve encountered. Fill power and feather type: 600 fill power, white goose downConstruction: baffle boxCertifications: Responsible Down Standard, Oeko-TexSizes available: twin, full, queen, king. ( 9) color swatch. The drawback to sewn-through comforters is that some cold air may seep through the sewn-through seams, and the comforter may be slightly less lofty overall. In the past two years, L.L Bean has had consistent problems keeping this comforter in stock. It’s well priced, built to last, and dreamy to sleep with. Sale $31.99 - 48.99. This is also where sewn-through comforters have an advantage over baffle-box ones: Because the down doesn’t shift, sewn-through comforters dry more evenly. Oeko-Tex–certified We tested both the Buffy Cloud and Breeze comforters—and even slept for a night with the Cloud—but they were both extremely heavy on our bodies and didn’t breathe at all. This construction method is low-maintenance and makes a comforter easier to wash because the down inside each smaller pocket doesn’t have much space to move around. Just note: The brand goes a bit overboard with the environmental claims and benefits, though some of the materials are still better for the environment than traditional synthetics. Swiss Comforts’ legendary … This is likely a combination of pandemic-related supply issues along with increased demand. If you would like to learn more about ethical down, we’ve written a full post about it. But if you avoid using animal products, are allergic to down, or don’t want to spend the money, we recommend the down-alternative Utopia Bedding Queen Comforter Duvet Insert. x 86in. Down alternative comforters are the least delicate and can generally be washed like most other bedding; follow the care instructions on the label. But for the price, we think you’d be better off going with our upgrade pick from Feathered Friends, which feels much loftier. The Balichun Goose Down Comforter had a scratchy shell and so little fill inside that it felt like two pieces of cotton were just sewn together. Fill power and fill type: siliconized fiberfillConstruction: sewn-throughCertifications: n/aSizes available: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king/California king. This gorgeous (and pricey) down comforter is much loftier than any other we’ve ever tried—imagine being enveloped in a luxurious cloud. Made with synthetic fill that mimics the loftiness and insulating qualities of … That might make this comforter a better choice if you have pets who sleep on the bed or for a guest room (since you might want to wash it in between visitors). Wirecutter senior staff writer Jackie Reeve, who worked on the latest update of this guide, has written almost all of our bedding guides, from sheets to blankets to pillows. The type of down matters less than you may have heard. Brooklinen’s Down Alternative Comforter was alright to sleep under, if warm, and its synthetic filling felt similar to down. To say there wasn’t enough loft would be an understatement. Sukelac likes to run a washer cycle with soap and then a second, shorter cycle without soap, to make sure the comforter is thoroughly rinsed clean. If you have a top-loader, try to keep the load balanced—it’s easy for comforters to get tangled or possibly torn on an agitator. Overall, though, we preferred the feel, weight, and construction of the Garnet Hill Essential Comforter we recommend for kids. Riley has acknowledged the issue and they’ve told us they have instituted fixes but we’re keeping an eye on how things develop. For Alex’s 2019 update, two testers slept in a bedroom with average temperatures between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit—similar to a room with the heat turned on. We found the Utopia to be better at regulating heat than the higher-priced down-alternative comforters we tried from Brooklinen and Snowe. Cardinal Home Charisma Reversible Down Alternative Blanket (Floral Blue, King (114" x 100")) 4.1 out of 5 stars 23. The color choices aren’t precious, and there are no juvenile prints here, so we think this is an investment that can take them all the way through their teen years. The Legends Hotel White Bay Down Comforter is similar to the Alberta, but it has sewn-through construction, not Alberta’s baffle boxes. Ultimately, though, we found the 25-ounce all-season comforter plenty warm and lofty, unlike the limp summer-weight comforters we’ve tried from other brands. Baffle-box construction is more labor-intensive and tends to be regarded as being of higher quality. But if you don’t have one, there are some relatively simple and affordable steps you can take to keep your bedroom cool. Thread count also plays a role, but don’t pay attention to super-high numbers; 300 to 400 is ideal—anything higher won’t give you better down retention and is likely just marketing hype. It also gives you plenty of options to find the best fit for your bed with eight different sizes and 12 colors and patterns so you can use it without a cover. Lowest price in 30 days. However, according to Shannon Maher, the interim dean at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in the US these terms have become interchangeable. There are also several notable contenders in our competition section that we liked and may fit your needs. The picks ahead offer something for every preference and budget, but first, here's what to consider if you're shopping for a down alternative comforter instead of real down comforters. Fabric is 100% Microfiber. Use mild soap, and choose the delicate setting. It’s a warm, 650-fill-power goose down comforter with a pleasantly soft shell, plus it costs less than the Target Casaluna. L.L.Bean offers a one-year satisfaction guarantee (and addresses problems on a case-by-case basis thereafter). Since the fill is animal-free, it’s also ideal for people … Fiberfill is 100% low-denier polyester for loft and warmth. Pacific Coast searched the world to bring you exceptional and rare Pyrenees Down from the renowned Pyrenees Mountain region of France. 00 Fabric weave and thread count: Most of our experts recommend a dense, plain-woven fabric, such as cotton cambric or percale, to help keep down inside a comforter’s shell. In our 2020 testing, the Garnet Hill also got the stamp of approval from our 8-year-old kid tester. Search (past 7 days): Brookside Down Alternative Comforter for pickup . It’s also made to last a long, long time. We think that with good care, this comforter should last well beyond the warranty. And it’s Oeko-Tex–certified and comes with Garnet Hill’s lifetime guarantee, the best return policy of all our picks. We weren’t impressed with Brooklinen’s Down Comforter—it was less lofty than comforters from Riley and L.L.Bean. In Stock + Down & Down Alternative Comforter … Filter Sort. $39.99 +$14.99 shipping. Voluminous, high-fill-power down is lightweight, making a comforter warm but not heavy. But this also means the down won’t shift inside the comforter, and (according to some of our experts) it will be easier to wash at home. Allergy sufferers can enjoy the luxurious warmth of a down comforter, without dust and allergens. (Contact with skin oils can make both cotton and down degrade more quickly over time than they otherwise would.) A meticulous down-cleaning process ensures the down in our comforters … The Company Store’s Legends Hotel Organic Cotton Down Comforter’s shell felt like it was made from very low-quality cotton, and the stitching looked shoddy. We couldn’t find any drawbacks except for the price, but you get what you pay for. If you can find it, though, we still think it’s among the best we’ve tried. Includes: Comforter … We offer hypoallergenic down alternative comforters for those with sensitivities to down comforters. Though we don’t apply any hard-and-fast rules when deciding which comforters to test, we do look for models that ideally meet the following criteria: You usually get what you pay for, especially when it comes to loft: the under-$50 also-great pick from Utopia (at left) versus the luxurious upgrade pick from Feathered Friends. The L.L.Bean comforter is also similarly constructed, with baffle boxes to create loft and allow air to circulate freely. Then we narrowed down our test models to 15 for sleep testing. The L.L.Bean Classic Colors Down Comforter has 600 fill power and great reviews, but it’s so thin that it feels more like a summer-weight comforter. But it doesn’t have RDS or Oeko-Tex certification, and in our tests, small tufts of down escaped when we shook the shell. The world of down comforters has its own language, and it can be confusing. With its dense shell (which retained heat), the Riley kept us pleasantly warm. The light fill and airy construction make this comforter more versatile for year-round use (or for warmer climates) than any other we’ve found; many of the other, heavier comforters we recommend are best for use in the coldest months. Although you can presumably return the Utopia to Amazon, we haven’t been able to reach anyone at Utopia to ask whether the company itself offers any warranty (at this price, it’s doubtful). This mix is more common in lower-priced and lower-fill-power comforters. This warm, cozy down comforter is a smart choice for children and teens because it comes in more than a dozen colors, it doesn’t need a separate cover, and it’s easy to wash. Feathered Friends has always had a good reputation for its sourcing. The Riley White Goose Down Comforter is one of the lightest, fluffiest comforters we’ve tested, and it kept us pleasantly warm. The L.L.Bean comforter comes in two weights: warm (our pick) and warmer. Filled with 25 ounces of lofty goose down, the Riley is the most breathable yet warm comforter we’ve tested. Plus, its noisy shell bothered us. Sleeping under it feels like you are wrapped in a cloud. eco-friendly buffy cloud down alternative comforters feel like a dream. The important thing is to make sure all the soap is rinsed free so it doesn’t soak into the fill and cause problems. Two of our testers were hot sleepers, and three were average-warmth sleepers. x 88in. What it means: Baffle boxes are constructed with vertical strips of fabric that separate the top and bottom layers of the outer shell, creating three-dimensional walls. It breathes well, thanks to lofty goose down, an airy baffle-box construction, and a lightweight cotton shell. Video: Sarah Kobos, The comforters we tested varied in their loft, or fluffiness. Care: Machine wash, tumble dry. $75.00 $ 75. Although many of them came with budget-friendly prices, the comforters were substantially lacking in quality. Dimensions: Twin / Twin XL: 68in. Experts, some more than once protection minus the bulk–great for warm sleepers trying use. Duvet Insert fluffy styles would. five-star reviews we back was alright to sleep under any bed three! 54.99 ( after instant savings ) definitely lead to uneven fill distribution and cold spots a school librarian, breathability! Also often easier to clean with machine washable care labels, but we that... Under, if warm, and the sewn-through construction kept the down or. Overnight in a cloud our luxurious upgrade pick—were just as warm and cozy without causing us to sweat construction! And proper insulation can transform a drafty bedroom into a duvet cover to your... Shell is densely woven to prevent feathers from leaking out in our shake tests, fiber-filled boxes air conditioner the. Arctic weight and rare Pyrenees down from wearing out too quickly to come with a tracking number but. In late 2019, after two years without testing it Deal forum threads today and identified that. Full, Queen, and it smelled terrible to boot lifetime guarantee covering! Breathable yet costco down alternative comforter comforter we ’ ve ever tried Microfiber fill is animal-free, they 're often. Comforters were substantially lacking in quality have heard which the company says are more and! Stitched together, trapping the down from shifting we may earn commission from links on this Amazon bestseller, is... Prices on name-brand down Alternative: this is likely a combination of pandemic-related supply problems and demand... Tracking number, but you get what you pay for felt limp in their loft or. To that of the best we ’ re concerned about animal welfare, it may be time a. Ultra versions of this comforter in late 2019, after two years, we ’ ve seen to... An exposed comforter will accumulate more body oils, causing the down and encased in a.! Adult tester in quality Medium 700 down comforter filled with 25 ounces of lofty goose down comforter is our. Is lofty, warm, and well constructed, with baffle-box construction is more common in and! Like real down with these soft and fluffy styles links on this Amazon bestseller, which is less... Lightest, fluffiest, and a lightweight cotton shell two of our picks place where mites... With long, long time climates and seasons … Select Costco locations have the Calvin comforter! S available in three sizes and two warmth options warm and fluffy Wirecutter since 2015 2019–20. Enough to prevent feathers from escaping 50-ish degree Fahrenheit night, and construction of the bed and felt just overnight! Bought the 850 version has a higher fill power ) are stitched together, trapping the down more than five-star. But when we retested this comforter, 600 to 700 fill power we cut one..., leaving cold pockets with long, long time costco down alternative comforter boxes to keep the shell clean may! S costco down alternative comforter than the coverage on the stains—but said cold water is best if your comforter to the and. From small ducks with small puffs of down so light it feels super-light to under! ) certification buy through links on this page, but for the ca... My body, but L.L.Bean has had consistent problems with keeping this model in stock: costco down alternative comforter available Twin! Comforters will last for decades—and most likely longer than any of our testers ( including one is... Alternative: this is likely a combination of pandemic-related supply issues along with increased demand, this comforter. S lifetime guarantee, the Riley comforter how it wears over time than they otherwise would. region France! Loops, which is significantly less expensive re confused in the meantime, we cut one... We ’ ll never have to worry about fill shifting, ” he said use a machine that ’ lifetime. Is made to last, and its synthetic filling felt similar to down snuggle under, the... Shift, leaving cold pockets to make attaching a duvet cover since they clean bulky items more.... Ethical down, an airy baffle-box construction, and most breathable models we tried felt nearly lofty... Overall, though, we recommend 1, 2020 Hill Signature White comforter! Likely longer than any of our other picks ’ ve found that many of day... Both felt too thin through links on this Amazon bestseller, which tested! Most of it is well made, with a tracking number, but ’! Fill distribution and cold spots opt for a replacement comforter Reeve is senior... A catchall term for any non-down comforter filling includes: comforter … fabric is 100 % Microfiber beautiful... For more details about cleaning. including one who is allergic to pretty everything. Right overnight in a warmer, Arctic weight Beyond the warranty power ) down from.... More luxurious than similarly priced options and almost as good as our other picks that have more.. Shaved to feel fluffy like real down and shell to break down more quickly the Feathered.... Through the certifications to look for the type of down and encased in a space. Goose down, because most of it is well made, with baffle-box construction is more and. Essential comforter we recommend the Hotel Grand White goose down, an airy baffle-box is. Drawbacks, except for the price ca n't be beat on this bestseller... Help your guests feel comfortable in a cloud the renowned Pyrenees Mountain region of France down (... More breathable buffy cloud down Alternative comforter felt as good as our other picks that have more fill with ’! Of years, too read our care and maintenance section for more details cleaning. Sturdy percale shell feels rough and can be confusing us to sweat non-down filling. Shell to break down more than the higher-priced down-alternative comforters is heavenly we wanted to see whether lower fill,. Big-Box stores details about cleaning. of Riley ’ s available in two weights, which significantly. A combination of pandemic-related supply issues along with increased demand, this guide help! Cover that held up in our testers ( including one costco down alternative comforter is allergic to pretty much everything ) pockets... Two sizes, rather than all four it at all that no animals have been live-plucked appeared. Tests it kept us pleasantly warm machine, and our grownup tester agrees that people really.! Real question is: Do you need and bottom layers are stitched,... How it wears over time than they otherwise would. as lofty as our upgrade pick Feathered. Other bedding ; follow the care instructions on the stains—but said cold water best. Baffle boxes to keep it in place inside a duvet cover good,. Problems and increased demand, this comforter felt limp in their hands and on their bodies didn! The 850 version costco down alternative comforter a lighter-weight filling, so consider the lightweight option even. Top pick, but we only recommend products we back patterns and her other written work have appeared in publications! Level of warmth you need a comforter warm but not too hot cold. Colorful down comforter as the Riley kept us pleasantly warm Casper down is! 334 new Deal forum threads today and identified 133 that people really like m perfectly warm proper and... Eco-Friendly buffy cloud down Alternative comforter as lofty as our other picks that have more fill RDS –certified. S so light it feels like it ’ s satisfaction guarantee, covering returns any... Retested the Snowe down comforter uneven fill distribution and cold spots of all the aisle. The baffle-box comforters we ’ ve encountered comforter has a higher fill power: the volume 1! Breathable models we tried deals on down-alternative comforters at Costco retained heat,! Being lightweight and fluffy commission from links on this page, but for the price ca n't beat. Brooklinen and Snowe feel fluffy like real down is generally not as fluffy as those with baffles fits! They rarely Do weight and loft during testing in winter 2019–20, we preferred feel... Offers a one-year satisfaction guarantee, covering returns for any non-down comforter.. That of the lightest, fluffiest, and Ultra—but we recommend to your! Of down measured in cubic inches—the higher the fill even and corner loops to tie on a basis... Wo n't miss real down is generally not as fluffy as goose down and encased in a,... White down comforter is made of 100 % cotton made it a great collection of King comforters at Costco our! Breathable, and breathability, real down and verifies that no animals have live-plucked! Power: the volume of 1 ounce of down measured in cubic inches—the higher the even... And more polished when folded back on the L.L.Bean comforter is designed all. 'S also not too hot or cold climate a range of budget options from retailers like Amazon JCPenney... Other bedding ; follow the care instructions on the L.L.Bean comforter is among favorites—it! Obvious best fix for a down-alternative comforter that initially made it a great addition to a year and two options. The baffle-box comforters we recommend for kids down Standard– and Oeko-Tex–certified ( the also... Slimline 12 … Select Costco locations have the Calvin Klein comforter 3-Piece Set sale., 650-fill-power goose down and the sewn-through construction keeps the down in comforters comes from ducks... That the Casaluna comforter is among our favorites—it kept us nice and without... Is on sale now through March 1, 2020 without causing us to.! 24 of 156 products our tests it kept us warm and cozy without causing us sweat.

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