[60] The freighter has a range of 7,400 km (4,000 nmi; 4,600 mi) with a 65 tonnes (140,000 lb) payload, or 5,900 km (3,200 nmi; 3,700 mi) with 70 tonnes (150,000 lb). Several in-flight shutdowns of Trent 700–powered A330-300s occurred. [180][181] It was aimed at Singapore Airlines, who had looked to replace its Airbus A310-300s. Alitalia’s A330 business class consists of 28 seats spread across two cabins and seven rows. We were still 46 minutes out – these could have been left for later when our actual descent would start, no? [143] [155] With modern Trent 7000 engines and redesigned winglets, it should burn 14% less fuel per seat than the A330-300 over a distance of 4,000 nmi. I was quickly informed that there would be iPad Pros instead that would be handed out later after takeoff. Via SeatGuru, here’s the seatmap: We’re celebrating new firsts! [153] The A330 is the most modern and reliable family of aircraft in the sky, providing a quality solution for every route. [54] Known as the A329 and A330M10 during development, the A330-200 would offer nine per cent lower operating costs than the Boeing 767-300ER. On 11 November 1996, engine failure on a Cathay Pacific flight forced it back to Ho Chi Minh City. [43] MAS received its A330 on 1 February 1995 and then rescheduled its other ten orders. Air Senegal has taken delivery of its first A330-900 from Airbus’ production line in Toulouse. Or just enjoy the ride! There are a lot of similarities between these 2 types, but one notable difference is the length: the Airbus A330-300 is longer than the -200. The good new… Airbus intended the test flight programme to comprise six aircraft flying a total of 1,800 hours. Airbus A330-300 (333) Blocking Seats for More Space On Board. Power was to be supplied by all three engines offered to A330-200 and A330-300 with lower gross weight. [151], The A330-300P2F, adapted for express delivery and e-commerce lower densities, can carry up to 62 t (137,000 lb) over 3,650 nmi (6,760 km). This meant that the Boeing 777 was certified for 180-minutes ETOPS from the first day of service. The lie flat bed seats have been designed with aspects from Hawaii's environment such … I was happy to find out that lunch would be served instead of breakfast (usually miserable on a plane). Un voyage pendant la COVID-19 Business, Family and Travel In Time Of COVID-19 ... Two bridges are deployed and I’m the first to enter in this Airbus A330. [118], With launch of Airbus A330neo, the existing members of the Airbus A330 family (A330-200, 200F, 300, and MRTT) received the Airbus A330ceo ("current engine option") name. Content team @ Simple Flying. [208], On 13 April 2010, Cathay Pacific Flight 780 from Surabaya Juanda International Airport to Hong Kong landed safely after both engines failed due to contaminated fuel. Also, there is just ONE switch to operate the seat (pictured). [17] The two TAs would use the vertical stabiliser, rudder, and circular fuselage sections of the A300-600, extended by two barrel sections. ", "Airbus delivers 1,000th A330 to Cathay Pacific", "Airbus jabs at Boeing's 787, celebrates 1,000th A330 delivery", "Airbus to cut A330 production rate as ramps up A320", "Airbus Says Adjusted A330 Rate Is Sustainable Even Without China Order", "The A330's continued commercial success leads to a new production rate increase", "Airbus to trim A330 output but seeks higher A320 rates", "Airbus to cut A330 output and keep A350 rate level", "Aer Lingus takes delivery of world's last new-build A330-300", "More aircraft production rate cuts coming? It restricts foot space when getting into your seat (especially when sitting near the window). The new aircraft rolled out of the assembly line on 4 January 2018, and made its maiden flight on 19 July 2018. [91] This would extend A330ceo production to July 2017, allowing for a smooth transition to A330neo production, which was set to start in spring 2017. [138][139] Korean Air became the first customer on 27 February 2009 with an order for six −200HGWs. The flight lasted five hours and fifteen minutes during which speed, height, and other flight configurations were tested. [137], In 2008, Airbus released plans for a higher gross weight version of the A330-200 to more effectively compete against the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. [14] They showed a large underfloor cargo area that could hold five cargo pallets or sixteen LD3 cargo containers in the forward, and four pallets or fourteen LD3s in the aft hold—double the capacity of the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar or DC-10, and 8.46 metres (27.8 ft) longer than the Airbus A300. The five largest operators were Turkish Airlines (66), Air China (59), China Eastern Airlines (56), Delta Air Lines (50), China Southern Airlines (45), and other operators with fewer aircraft. The Airbus A330-300 made its 1st KLM flight in 2012. These are Virgin Atlantic aircraft, operated by our own pilots and world class cabin crew. This Airbus A330-300 (333) seats 293 passengers and is primarily used on International routes. [178] In September 2020, the A330 reached a milestone of 1500 deliveries, Airbus's first twin-aisle aircraft to do so; only the Boeing 747 and 777 had previously reached this threshold. During these studies Airbus turned its focus back to the wide-body aircraft market, simultaneously working on both projects. [115] When necessary, the A330 uses the Honeywell 331–350C auxiliary power unit (APU) to provide pneumatics and electrical power. Did someone just steal them? But Hawaiian Airlines found that these big planes were not only good for flights to Asia but also to provide a lie-flat product from Hawaii to many US mainland destinations. With Korean Air no longer selling first class aboard its Airbus A330 jets from June 2019, passengers travelling to Seoul from both Sydney and Brisbane now have the opportunity to fly in that former first class zone, when holding a business class ticket. [107][a] Jet airliners have Thickness-to-chord ratios ranging from 9.4% (MD-11 or Boeing 747) to 13% (Avro RJ or 737 Classic). The said aircraft has 298 seats, and to be dispatched from Portugal to America and Africa. In May, the 210-260 seat design had evolved towards keeping the A330 60.3 m (198 ft) span wing and engines for a 195 t MTOW and 4,500 nmi (8,300 km) range. [156], The Airbus A330-900 maintains the A330-300's fuselage dimensions with 10 more seats thanks to cabin optimisation. The Sriwijaya Boeing 737-500 Crash – What Is The Latest. As the name indicated, this proposed variant would have had a lower maximum takeoff weight of 202 tonnes (445,000 lb), coupled with de-rated engines, giving a range of 7,400 km (4,000 nmi; 4,600 mi). [163], The Airbus A330 MRTT is the Multi-Role Transport and Tanker (MRTT) version of the A330-200, designed for aerial refuelling and strategic transport. This means that all passengers have direct aisle access. [36], The wing-to-fuselage mating of the first A330, the tenth airframe of the A330 and A340 line, began in mid-February 1992. During a static test, the wing failed just below requirement; BAe engineers later resolved the problem. The plane. I’m quite tall and like to turn a lot when sleeping, but this seat was perfect. Be the first to review this seat! What’s great, though, is that there is ample seat width and plenty of pitch. View the onboard seat map for the Qantas Airbus A330-300 aircraft. El Airbus Beluga XL (Airbus A330-700L) es un gran avión de transporte que entrará en servicio en 2019. [122][126] In November 2012, the maximum take off weight was further increased to 242 tonnes. [33] In 1989, Asian carrier Cathay Pacific joined the list of purchasers, ordering nine A330s and later increasing this number to eleven. After 50,000 hours, the limit would be raised to 180 minutes (3 hours). Airbus did not rule out any further production cuts. [204][205], Two A330 incidents due to in-flight malfunctions were survived by all on board. In 1998, a newly delivered A330-200 was valued $94 million, rose over $100 million in 2005 but lowered at almost $75 million in 2019 as the market favours the -300 and the A330neo. The A330 is the most modern and reliable family of aircraft in the sky, providing a quality solution for every route. The A330-300, the first variant, took its maiden flight in November 1992 and entered service with Air Inter in January 1994. Introduction Booking Qantas Business Class. [164] As of November 2014[update], 46 total orders have been placed for the A330 MRTT by the air forces of Australia, France, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Sign up to our daily aviation news digest. [179], To compete with Boeing's 7E7 (later 787), Airbus offered a minimum-change derivative called the A330-200Lite in 2004. This review is the last in a series of flights between Sydney and Barcelona. Un voyage pendant la COVID-19 Business, Family and Travel In Time Of COVID-19 ... Two bridges are deployed and I’m the first to enter in this Airbus A330. General Electric does not plan to offer an engine for the A330-200F. [173][174], In 1996 Airbus evaluated a 12-frame stretch which would be able to carry 380 passengers over almost 7,000 km (3,800 nmi), the -400, and a "super-stretch" using the A340-600's 22-frame stretch and powered by 400 kN (90,000 lbf) engines, the -600. [100] John Leahy states that it was intentionally being held down in takeoff weight and performance because Airbus avoided overlapping with the A340. The new First Class has been extremely well received by passengers since it was introduced on … [116], The A330 shares the same glass cockpit flight deck layout as the A320 and the A340, featuring electronic instrument displays rather than mechanical gauges. [112] Airbus also boosted fuel capacity to 139,100 L (36,700 US gal) by adding the centre section fuel tank, standard in the A340. Emirates only uses Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 planes on its flights to and from Australia, but if you're connecting in Dubai for Middle Eastern, African or European destinations you may well end up on one of the Gulf carrier's Airbus A330 jets. [85] In 2012, Airbus expected the A330 to continue selling until at least 2020,[86] with the A350-900 expected to replace the A330-300. [159][160] Like its predecessor, the Airbus Beluga, the Beluga XL features an extension on its fuselage top, and can accommodate two A350 wings instead of one. First version of Airbus A330-200 operated by TAP Portugal is the most common among three versions. [168] The replacement process was mired in controversy, instances of corruption, and allegations of favouritism. Emirates has two versions of the A330: one with three classes (first, business and economy) and one with two -- just business and economy. Airbus issued subcontracts to companies in Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Greece, Italy, India, Japan, South Korea, Portugal, the United States, and the former Yugoslavia. Studies were carried out by British Aerospace (BAe), now part of BAE Systems, at Hatfield and Bristol. The best thing about flying Delta A330 first class is that everyone has direct aisle access. Its two pilots received the Polaris Award from the International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations, for their heroism and airmanship. [29] France saw the biggest investments, with Aérospatiale constructing a new Fr.2.5 billion ($411 million) final-assembly plant adjacent to Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in Colomiers; by November 1988, the pillars for the new Clément Ader assembly hall had been erected. Last Summer, I flew aboard the premium class cabin of a Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330 from Honolulu (in Hawaii) to San Francisco (in California). Bringing you the latest aviation news and insight! This next-generation aircraft features 34 flat-bed Delta One seats, 40 … [186], As of December 2020[update], A330 family aircraft orders stood at 1,809 of which 1,511 had been delivered and 1,436 were in airline service, comprising 600 A330-200s, 38 -200Fs, 742 -300s, 3 -800s and 53 -900s. Interested customers included Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa and Hapag-Lloyd. [2], In December 2014, Airbus announced that it would reduce A330 production to nine aircraft per month from ten, due to falling orders. First things first: the Diamond First offering on the A330, A340 and 777 differs from the superior First Apartments found on A380 flights, which offers an onboard shower and bar. [181] Airlines, however, were not satisfied with the compromised aircraft; the company instead proceeded with an entirely new aircraft, the A350 XWB. Its average sector is 2,000 nmi (3,700 km) and their longest flight is 6,000 nmi (11,000 km) from Buenos Aires to Rome by Aerolíneas Argentinas for the -200, and 5,000 nmi (9,300 km) from Paris to Reunion by Corsair and French Blue for the -300. The new First Class seat and product - called Business Class on international flights - is a massive improvement on the carrier's old premium product . You can find parts removed from our own A320, A330, A340, 737, 747, and 757 aircraft. Another engine failure occurred on 6 May during climbout with a Cathay Pacific A330, due to a bearing failure in a Hispano-Suiza-built gearbox. The announcement led to an immediate drop in Airbus Group's stock price because the company derives a significant percentage of its cash flow and net profit from the A330 program; the A330's financial impact is magnified amid problems in the A350 and A380 programs. The higher the aspect ratio, the greater the aerodynamic efficiency. [32] At 60.3 m (200 ft), the wingspan is similar to that of the larger Boeing 747-200, but with 35 percent less wing area. A two-wheel nose undercarriage and two four-wheel bogie main legs built by Messier-Dowty support the aeroplane on the ground. Pursuing this goal, studies began in the early 1970s into derivatives of the A300. I’ve flown reverse herringbone, herringbone, staggered, angled, and forward facing business class seats, though this was my first time in this style of seat, which quickly grew on me. However, it’s still a really appealing cabin, and offers eight closed suites in … Title: Airbus A330-300 seat map Created Date: 12/19/2016 3:52:07 PM The new First Class cabin will be fitted in another 14 of Cathay Pacific's Airbus A340-300s and four of its Airbus A330-300s. [123], As of December 2020, a total of 779 of the -300 had been ordered, 771 of which had been delivered, with 742 in operation. [72] On 17 April 1997, Cathay Pacific's Dragonair subsidiary experienced an engine shutdown on an A330, caused by carbon clogging the oil filter. Each … [13], The first specifications for the TA9 and TA11, aircraft that could accommodate 410 passengers in a one-class layout, emerged in 1982. If you're travelling in Economy on an international A330 route, you'll experience our next-generation model of the award-winning Recaro seat in a 2-4-2 configuration. [37] At the 1992 Farnborough Airshow, Northwest deferred delivery of sixteen A330s to 1994, following the cancellation of its A340 orders. Airbus also considered using the new Engine Alliance GP7000 engine for the A330-300HGW, which would have been the engine's first twinjet application. While the planes came from the airline’s existing fleet (the single-class equipment used to ply certain domestic routes), the new cabins came with the international destinations in mind. [140], In mid-2012, Airbus proposed another version of the −200 with the maximum gross weight increased by 2 t to 240 t. This version had its range extended by 270 nmi and carried 2.5 t more payload. This twin-jet aircraft is an earlier version of the Airbus A330-200 but was added to our fleet after the -200. The newly refurbished First Class cabin underlines Oman Air’s commitments to ongoing investment in the comfort of guests on-board. [200] The hijacking of Sabena Flight 689 on 13 October 2000 ended with no casualties when Spanish police took control of the aircraft. It competes with the Boeing 767 and smaller variants of the Boeing 777 and the 787. The slightly shorter A330-200 variant followed in 1998. Here's my opinion on a transatlantic flight Lufthansa Business Class flight aboard an Airbus A330, during COVID-19. [93], In April 2018, Airbus announced further rate cuts in response to weakening demand to 50 aircraft a year or 4-5 aircraft a month in 2019. [104][105] To reach a long span and high aspect ratio without a large weight penalty, the wing has relatively high Thickness-to-chord ratio of 11.8%[106] or 12.8%. [144], The A330-200F is an all-cargo derivative of the A330-200 capable of carrying 65 t (140,000 lb) over 7,400 km (4,000 nmi; 4,600 mi) or 70 t (150,000 lb) up to 5,900 km (3,200 nmi; 3,700 mi). [176] Its 44.8 m (147 ft) wing allowed a 173 t (381,000 lb) MTOW and 4,200 nmi (7,770 km) range. [145], As of December 2020,[update] Airbus had delivered 38 aircraft with no outstanding orders. [122] In November 2012, it was further announced that the gross weight will increase from 235 t to 242 t, and the range will increase by 500 nmi (926 km; 575 mi) to 6,100 nmi (11,300 km; 7,020 mi). While the airline had invested a lot of time and money in improving the seats on its 787s and 777s, this is the first A330 to be retrofit with Air Canada’s top-of-the-line business class cabin. [121] In mid-2012, Airbus proposed another increase of the maximum gross weight to 240 t. It is planned to be implemented by mid-2015. A tenth variant, the A300B10, was conceived in 1973 and developed into the longer-range Airbus A310. The A330 MRTT was proposed as the EADS/Northrop Grumman KC-45 for the US Air Force's KC-X competition, but lost to the Boeing KC-46 in appeal after an initial win. TAP Air Portugal’s first A330-900 is leased from Avolon. [61] To overcome the standard A330's nose-down body angle on the ground, the A330F uses a revised nose undercarriage layout to provide a level deck during cargo loading. The carrier is the first African airline to fly Airbus’ new generation wide-body aircraft featuring latest technology engines, new wings with enhanced aerodynamics and a curved wingtip-design, drawing best practices from the A350 XWB. Like the CF6-80E1, 34 blades were used instead of the 38 found on the smaller PW4000 engines. A330 First Class——180-degree Comfort All-around Elegance Our First Class provides more personal space and more privacy for your ultimate comfort, Enjoy the cocoon-designed seat that can convert into a comfortable fully flat bed. Its initial 13,000 km (7,000 nmi) range would be followed by derated versions for 8,000 km (4,300 nmi). Be the first to add a photo! The annoying part is the footrest or ottoman. Of the 104 people on board, all but one nine-year-old Dutch boy died. [96], Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on aviation, demand for new jets was reduced in 2020 and Airbus cut its monthly production from 4.5 to two A330s. However, the breakfast spread isn’t great or high quality. [40] Both pilots and the five passengers died. The A330-200P2F can carry 61 t (134,000 lb) over 4,250 nmi (7,870 km). The cause was traced to metal contamination in the engine's master chip. [177], Announced in July at Farnborough Air Show, the -500 first flight was targeted for early 2003 and introduction in early 2004. The small and intimate First Class cabin is located in the plane’s nose, behind the cockpit and in front of the smaller one of the two Business Class cabins. There also is no storage area when settled into your seat – like none at all. [13] As a result, development plans prioritised the four-engined TA11 ahead of the TA9. I slept well for almost three hours until several loud announcements woke me up. I selected the vegetarian options from the menu. Photo: Starlux Airlines Starlux planning for a first class. [202][203] On 25 December 2009, passengers and crew subdued a man who attempted to detonate explosives in his underwear on an A330-300 operating Northwest Airlines Flight 253. [52], Initially, the GE90 was only one of three B777 options, and GE Aviation then-CEO Brian H. Rowe would have paid for the development of putting it on an A330; however, Airbus' strategy for long-haul was the four-engine A340, missing the market favouring twins. Hawaiian Airlines found itself in a bit of a pickle a few years ago when it pinned its hopes on a fleet of A330s. Nuestros 14 aviones Airbus A330-300 y nuestros cuatro aviones Airbus A340-300 recientemente renovados ofrecen una comodidad y una seguridad de primera clase en vuelos de larga distancia. It took a good 45 minutes (despite no turbulence initially) for the after takeoff drinks and nuts to come out. Our paperwork is always … [165][166][167], The EADS/Northrop Grumman KC-45 was a proposed version of the A330 MRTT for the United States Air Force (USAF)'s KC-X aerial refuelling programme. Airbus is also planning to activate the central fuel tank for the first time for the −300 model. This is simply a safety hazard. Where the frequency of flights cannot be increased, using larger aircraft, such as the A330, is the only available option to increase capacity. [7] A tenth variant, the A300B10, was conceived in 1973 and developed into the longer-range Airbus A310. [58], Responding to lagging A300-600F and A310F sales, Airbus began marketing the Airbus A330-200F, a freighter derivative of the A330-200, around 2001. [105] It received European and American certification on 21 October 1993 after 420 test flights over 1,100 hours. Three days later, a Cathay Pacific A330 on climbout during a Bangkok–Hong Kong flight experienced an oil pressure drop and a resultant engine spool down, forcing a return to Bangkok. The A330 is the third most delivered wide-body airliner after the Boeing 747 and Boeing 777. [63][65] The first delivery was subsequently made to the Etihad Airways cargo division, Etihad Cargo, in July 2010. ], Aircraft of comparable role, configuration, and era, "A330" and "A333" redirect here. [127] The first of these aircraft was delivered to Delta Air Lines on 28 May 2015. This article is sponsored by Mighty Travels Premium. [210][211], On 27 August 2019, an Air China A330-300 at Beijing Capital International Airport caught fire while at the gate. [98][99], The A330 is a medium-size, wide-body aircraft, with two engines suspended on pylons under the wings. [112] The A330-200 is ten fuselage frames shorter than the original −300, with a length of 58.82 m (193 ft 0 in). The version would have a strengthened wing and additional fuel capacity from a 41,600-litre (11,000 US gal) centre section fuel tank. I booked my golden ticket as a multicity journey from Kiev, Ukraine, as part of a fare sale earlier this year. [104][105], The A330 and A340 fuselage is based on that of the Airbus A300-600, with many common parts, and has the same external and cabin width: 5.64 m (19 ft) and 5.26 m (17 ft). [12] A true laminar flow wing (a low-drag shape that improves fuel efficiency) was also considered but rejected. Delta Airlines Airbus A330-300 (333) Seat Map. This newer fin is shorter in height by 50 cm (20 in)[114] and was derived from the design of the vertical stabiliser of the A340-500 and -600, later becoming standard on all new A330-200s. The -900 made its first flight on 19 October 2017, received its EASA type certificate on 26 September 2018, and was first delivered to TAP Air Portugal on 26 November. Parties of 3 or more can book adjacent seats together. Con la incorporación de este avión a la flota de la compañía, prevista este mes, Iberia se convierte en la primera aerolínea del mundo en recibir esta versión del A330-200 (un A330-200 MTOW 242t, con una capacidad de despegue de un máximo de 242 toneladas). Add a Review 2.7 / 5.0 with 53 reviews... Home; Airlines; Delta Airlines ... this is an average business class seat: Add a Tip. [2] The 2015 list price is $264 million. The designations were originally reversed and were switched so the quad-jet airliner would have a "4" in its name. Experience flying Prestige Class with a Korean Air flight on the Airbus A330-200. Review: First Class Airbus A330 with Swiss Air Recently, I went a lot with British Airways First Class, but on Friday, I took Swiss Air First Class to New York. Airbus A330-900neo (339) Airbus A330-900neo (339) Blocking Seats for More Space On Board. In 1998, the Airbus A330-200 … Delta One First Class (Seat 4A) My flight back from Hawaii was on the same type of plane (Airbus A330-300) that I flew on my way to Hawaii from MSP to HNL. [154], The Airbus A330-800 is based on the A330-200, with, cabin modifications, larger Trent 7000 engines and aerodynamic improvements. [2] The 1,500th airplane, an A330-900 (A330neo), was delivered to Delta Air Lines on 21 September 2020. [8] Airbus then focused its efforts on single-aisle (SA) studies, conceiving a family of airliners later known as the Airbus A320 family, the first commercial aircraft with digital fly-by-wire controls. [69] The increased efficiency, however, comes more from the installation of more seats than any weight reduction. Without any award seat options, I found decent value paid fares between Bangkok and Barcelona on Finnair Airbus A350/A321, Oman Air Airbus A330, and Oman Air Boeing 787-9.To get to Bangkok I flew Singapore Airlines, however, I needed to find a flight to get me home. [110] The failure of International Aero Engines' radical ultra-high-bypass V2500 "SuperFan", which had promised around 15 per cent fuel burn reduction for the A340, led to multiple enhancements including wing upgrades to compensate. [23], Rolls-Royce's Trent 700 features a mixed exhaust, Pratt & Whitney's PW4000 has a more conventional unmixed exhaust, The GE CF6 also has an unmixed exhaust, but adds a pointed exhaust cone, Rolls-Royce initially wanted to use the 267 kN (60,000 lbf) Trent 600 to power Airbus's newest twinjet and the upcoming McDonnell Douglas MD-11. Thai Airways received its first A330 during the second half of the year, operating it on routes from Bangkok to Taipei and Seoul. [108] Each wing also has a 2.74 m (9 ft 0 in) tall winglet instead of the wingtip fences found on earlier Airbus aircraft. The latter is identical to Virgin Australia's first two … On 24 August 2001, Air Transat Flight 236, an A330-200, developed a fuel leak over the Atlantic Ocean due to an incorrectly installed hydraulic part and was forced to glide for over 15 minutes to an emergency landing in the Azores. Iran Air’s first new A330-200 jetliner – delivered in March 2017 – features a two-class cabin layout that seats 32 passengers in business and 206 in economy RwandAir’s first of two widebody A330 aircraft, received in September 2016, will be deployed on medium- and long-haul routes from the operator’s Kigali home base to destinations throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle-East I was able to confirm my seat and was invited to visit the airline’s counters at Ft. Lauderdale’s (FLL) Terminal 3 where my boarding pass would be printed. [68] This variant could carry up to 400 passengers. [61] The plane utilises the same nosegear as the passenger version; however, it is attached lower in the fuselage and housed in a distinctive bulbous "blister fairing". [39] The A330-300 is based on a stretched A300 fuselage but with new wings, stabilisers and fly-by-wire systems. [21] GE Aviation first offered the CF6-80C2.

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